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Bingley Town Council election result 10-06-2016

The results of the first election for Bingley Town Council, published by City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council,  are available here:


Minutes from Bingley Annual Town Meeting

Here are the minutes (draft to be approved by full council) of the first Bingley Annual Town Meeting on May 31st 2016


Tuesday 31st May 2016

Held at the Scout Headquarters, Sycamore Avenue Bingley BD16 1HD

Chaired by Councillor Ros Dawson, Vice Chair of Bingley Town Council and minutes taken by the Interim Town Clerk, Ruth Batterley.
Also present : Councillors Beckwith, Chapman, Cheney, Clough, Dearden, Goode, O’Neill, Quarrie, Simpson, Truelove, Varley and Winnard.
Thirty six members of the public.

1. Welcome by Councillor Dawson
Councillor Dawson welcomed everyone to the first Annual Town meeting for Bingley. She noted that the council came into being in April, the Council was elected on the 5th May and the first Town Council meeting had been held on 18th May.
Each of the thirteen councillors present gave an outline of their backgrounds and hopes for the Council.
Councillor Dawson noted that the aim of the meeting was to allow residents to share with councillors their concerns for the area.
Councillor Dawson commented that the Town Council had been operational for thirteen days and in that time the following had been achieved:
 The election results have been obtained and are to be placed on the website.
 The first Planning Committee has been arranged and will take place at Cottingley Cornerstone Centre on 16th June.
 The Finance and General Purposes Committee will hold its first meeting also at the Cottingley Cornerstone Centre on 22nd June to look at locations for potential Town Council office space, a Town Council website and communications.
 Arrangements have been made to purchase office equipment following obtaining quotations.
 An extension has been obtained for Town Council comment on the Local Development Framework.
 Insurance for the Town Council is now arranged.
 Many councillors are dealing with queries from residents.
Councillor Dawson advised the meeting that a list of priorities for areas of work for the Town Council had been identified at the meeting held on 18th May. These include:
 Allotments
 Milner Field Farm development
 Derelict sites including The Station Master’s House, the Annexe/former Technical School on Mornington Road and the former Bradford and Bingley site now owned by Sainsburys
 Swimming pool
 Flower beds
 Flood Strategy
 Grant scheme
 Market
 Dog fouling
 Neighbourhood Plan
 School Liaison
2. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were noted from Councillors Brown (personal), J Wheatley (prior meeting) and M Wheatley (personal).
3. To receive comments and questions from electors of the parish regarding priorities
for the newly created Bingley Town Council
Residents raised the following items:
1. Dates of meetings and power of the Town Council. Councillor Dawson advised that parish and town councils have certain powers that enable them to act on a whole range of matters.
2. It was noted that the Town Council needs to work with Bradford Ward councillors.
3. A question was raised about the political composition of committees. It was confirmed that committees are arranged based on individual councillor interest, not on political affiliation.
4. A member of the public would like to see the Town Council working with Bradford Council on a whole range of progressive ideas.
5. Communication needs to underpin everything the council does. Links need to be forged with local groups and their information put onto the Town Council website.
6. Councillor Dawson in an answer to a question raised about the precept, advised that the Town Council is awaiting clarification of how much Bradford Council will deduct for setting up costs. She further advised that the accounts of the Town Council as with all other local councils, will be transparent.
7. A member of the public advised that he had sent a copy of his Regeneration Plan to all councillors. Councillor Dawson advised that the Town Council will be looking at regeneration. Councillor Dawson further advised that she would like to see contact made with owners of derelict buildings in the parish.
8. Mention was made of a Tree Protection Order on Stanley Street. The member of the public advised that she had made contact with councillors and the matter had now been dealt with.
9. Mention was made of the reduction of flower beds at Myrtle Park.
10. The suggestion was made that a community litter pick could be organised. Areas mentioned include the top area of Three Rise Locks and Five Rise Locks.
11. More litter bins are needed at Three Rise Locks.
12. The condition of lighting over several of the town’s bridges was raised as a matter of concern.
13. A grant scheme was identified as required.
14. Communications were raised as a priority item.
Bradford Ward Councillor David Heseltine welcomed the new Town Council and commented that he and his colleagues are looking forward to working with the Council.
The meeting closed at 7:35pm and Councillor Dawson thanked everyone for attending.

A new Town Council for Bingley area

imbackingbingleylogoA new Town Council is to be created for Bingley, West Yorkshire, following a successful two-year campaign by local residents.

The formation of the new council was agreed by City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council on Tuesday (October 20th). 

Bingley Town Council will serve Bingley as well as the adjoining communities of Cottingley, Crossflatts, Eldwick, Gilstead and Micklethwaite – an electorate of over 18,000 – and will join the 18 other parish, town or neighbourhood councils within Bradford District.

Bingley Town Council will start on April 1, 2016.  It will have 16 councillors, representing wards across the parish, who will be elected in May.  Read more here....

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About the BCCG

We are a group of volunteers who have successfully campaigned to create a new Bingley Town Council to benefit Bingley and its neighbouring communities of Crossflatts, Cottingley, Eldwick, Gilstead and Micklethwaite.

We believe a  Town Council could achieve much for our communities:

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